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Sprint became the U.S. telecom leader back in the 80’s when they became the first company to offer a completely digital fiber-optic network. In more recent times, they took the global lead in data and voice services when they merged with Nextel, allowing them to become the distinguished source of wireless services. The individuals at Sprint maintain that they strive to achieve a singular, simple task for their customers; and that is to be top dog when it comes to providing an instant, easy, fulfilling and creative customer experience. To this day Sprint continues its ongoing quest to change the industry for the better, coming out with more advanced capabilities, innovative IP and digital applications, and wondrous mobile solutions.

Visit for the largest (and best!) collection of Sprint ringtones on the net! Don’t pussyfoot around, starting downloading your new Sprint ringtones right now! All a ringtone really is, is a digital file that allows a user to customize the ring their phone uses when it receives a call.

I think we’ve all heard the terms "Poly Tones" and "Music Tones" before. While some people may believe that they are the same, there are some differences. A music tone is a clip of a song or sound. A poly tone is a synthesized song or sound; a mimic.

Music tones (also known as master tones) are only compatible with certain models of cell phones. However, if your phone is compatible, these songs can be set as any alert or ringtone! Not only that, but you can set voice and sound tones! Sound tones are simply sound effect clips, and voice tones are clips with a human voice. When properly formatted to your cellular phone, they are used the same as any other ringtone.

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