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Popular Phones with MP3 Players

Over the years of continuous improvement, the simple cellular phone can now do other functions. It is not just limited to its original role like sending a SMS message or calling someone. Some of the additional features to this device are MP3 players that can play music and video files, Camera that can take pictures or capture videos, a built in radio and some even have a built in TV. These are just some of the things that these new phones can do. The craze of mobilizing music allowing anyone to enjoy music even if she or he is on the move has also caught cellular phones.

Most of the cell phone companies now make it a point to have their new release models the capability to play MP3 ringtones. The Sony Ericson Walkman series is one proof to this. One of the best Sony Ericson Walkman models is the W890i, which aside from the ability to play WMA, WAV and MP3 files it is also just 10 mm thick and weighs about 78 grams. The phone maybe slim and slick but it can still pack a 4 Megabytes worth of music files. The advantage of the Walkman series over other Sony Ericson phones is that it can play music files with high quality audio output making it one of the best music phones out in the market. The cellular phone company Nokia also ensures that most of their new release phones can play MP3 files ringtones as well. According to some reports, the 6300 is one of the Nokia phones that can give high quality audio output making the phone the Nokia’s answer to the Walkman series. Another similar phone to a Walkman phone of Sony Ericson is the Nokia’s 5300, which main feature is playing MP3 and other media files. It also comes with an easy access play, pause and next button allowing the user to play an MP3 file with ease.

The Motorola cellular phone company did the same too. In almost all of its recent cell phones comes the feature allow it to play MP3 ringtones. A popular phone from Motorola is the RAZR V3, which is super slim but has a MP3 ring tone player other unique feature as well. This allows the Motorola phone users to enjoy high quality music even if he or she is on the move. The iPhone is one of the most advanced phones that can play MP3 files. It even has an interactive music player, which is what most users like.

This MP3 player feature is now a standard addition to the new phones that are released in the market today, no matter which company the phone came from. This is for the reason that cell phone users have already enjoyed the sound of a MP3 ringtone and they would not settle for anything that cannot play music.

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