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How to Create Your Own Mp3 Ringtones

Having mp3 ringtones on your phone is definitely a great way to personalize your stuff. However, finding the right sounds that you need for your phone may sometimes cost you money in order to get the quality you need. You may want to try an alternative way of getting mp3 ringtones, that is, to create your own. Creating mp3 ringtones does not literally mean you will have to play the song yourself. You can easily get the ringtones you need by ripping off audio tracks from your favorite music CD or convert media files already present on your hard disk. This not only allows you to customize the mp3 file but also allows you to get the music you want free.

You can create your own mp3 ringtones by following these easy to follow steps. Firstly, you need to have a Mediacoder or any software that can convert audio files to mp3 format. If you do not have this audio conversion program on your computer, you can do a search on the Internet. You never have to worry about the download time if you have a high-speed Internet connection like broadband or DSL. Installation can be done in a breeze by just following the instructions on the installation package.

Mediacoder allows you to convert audio files easily with just a click of a button. All you need to do is select the music file that you like and convert it to mp3 format using the program. You can also do multiple conversions simultaneously by selecting all the files you need and listing them all on the audio converter. The program automatically converts the audio files and places the generated mp3 files on a specified folder. The duration of the audio determines the time it would take to convert the file. After the files are converted successfully, you may want to modify the file name for you to navigate easily according to your preferences.

The last thing you will need to figure out is how to put the generated ringtones from the computer into your phone. If your phone has USB connection support, you never have to worry about transferring the mp3 files. You can easily browse the folder that contains the other music files and place the generated files on that directory. You may also use Bluetooth connection in order for you to get the ringtones you have created straight into your phone’s archives.

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