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Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti was born on October 28, 1963 in Cinecitta (Italy). Since its youth it dreams to become singer and is presented at various contests which enable him to acquire experiment. In 1981, its victory with the contest "Voices New" of Castrocaro enables him to sign a contract with a house of discs and to leave the following year its first individual. Its career takes off truly in 1984 when Eros takes part in the Festival of San Remo and transcends the public. It leaves in the tread its first album "Cuori Agitati" from which the European tube "Una Storia Importante is extracted". Eros becomes one of best representing Italian variety throughout the world (Germany, Mexico, Argentina, etc.) and leaves six albums in space 9 years.

From 1993, it slows down the rate/rhythm and electrifies a little more its following albums like "Dove it 2nd musica" in 1996, year of birth of his daughter Aurora Sophie whom Michelle Hunziker gave him, a signal models Suisse. Since Eros A left three new albums studio (the latest to date "Calmed Apparent" in 2005) in which it always gives us as many shivers and manages to give again us the moral one with his voice always so splendid.


1985: Cuori agitati
1986: Nuovi eroi
1987: In certi momenti
1990: In ogni senso
1993: Tutte storie (Todo historias)
1996: Dove c'è musica (Donde hay música)
2000: Stilelibero (Estilo libre)
2003: 9
2005: Calma apparente

Eros Ramazzotti
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